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Atlanta, GA
United States

Blood, Guts, 'n Glory (BGnG) is an In-Person, Combat / Horror Survival Experience that takes place “In Real Life – In Real Time”, with Real Weapons, Real Combat and Real Pain.  You and your team will battle against other teams, insurgents, hordes of undead inhabitants, and the environment itself.  This is a once in a lifetime event with limited space in a Hyper Realistic Combat / Horror environment that will have you fighting every step of the way to make it out alive.  Nothing has been done like this before!

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You have NEVER experienced anything like this before!





Main Tickets GO ON SALE NEXT WEEK At only 19.95

This is a Onetime Special Event with limited participants that will sell out fast.  

You and Your Team will battle against Hordes of Zombies in a true to life, Horrific Apocalyptic style Horror environment.  ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK!!


Battle with your friends or against them in a Horrific Survival event designed to challenge and scare You to death...Hollywood style.




Real Gear

We use the same weapon training systems that the US Military and Law Enforcement uses which delivers a “true to life”, real experience with USER ADJUSTABLE PAIN (Penalty Action Includes Nerve-Stimulation), in hyper realistic horrific environments designed to blow your mind! 

Battle through your worst nightmares...if you can!

Fight with your team against hordes of the “undead” through a horrific Top Secret laboratory caused by a (Zoster Omnitropic mTOR Bax Inhibitor virus), commonly referred to as the "Zombie virus"…” 

Each time you go through is unique, different and features true Hollywood style special effects and production. 

All Your Stats are Tracked, Scored and Ranked Online for all to see. 

Head-shots Equal Double Points! 

Stats tracked includes: accuracy, hit rate, kill rate, heart rate, kill/death ratio and shots fired, plus secrets found, puzzles solved and mission goals achieved to rank you against the best of the best throughout the event. 

Can you Survive?  

Compete against real world Special Forces Operators  


You score points by killing Zombies.  You loose points by being shot by the Zombies, (Yes, they are armed).  You also can lose points by being shot by the other Team or you own Team Members!  -  WATCH YOUR BACK!

The “first” rounds will be completed and scored set by bona fide US Special Forces Operators.  If you can beat their scores, your next round is free! 

The 3 highest scoring teams will be invited back to face the US Special Forces team head to head in the ultimate showdown.

What’s at stake is a $1,000.00 Gift Certificate for EACH winning team member, from your favorite Outfitters.  Buy that AR or Glock you've always wanted! 

Will You and Your team take home all the Prizes and Glory?                              Sign up NOW to find out!